Good evening ZapRead community,

I am trying to remain active in posting this week and I have found it difficult. I want to better serve the site in its development and I am having trouble deciding what I want to test again, or test de nova.

I like the new layout of the home screen with the group tabs along the left hand side. Is this per what groups the user is subscribed? Or is this all the groups in existence? I can figure that out but I have already noticed it has eliminated Made the "groups" tab in the header more functional for my use. (Will not if I want to add new groups or see the statistics of those pages.)

I have seen the github about the text box not having a video camera for the video link button, this is still a camera. But I really enjoy the ease of posting here. I have the ability to edit this post during its creation, or after as to create an aesthetic for the eyes. And we might have a new feature for the text box editor correct? I have lost that in the github but I am excited to see more changes to come. 

I want to open this dialogue to the developers and their created accounts, what can I do more as an outside alpha tester with little coding skills? I want to know more about the back end, I would like to think I could put something together, or I am just craving more information about when I can on-board a couple more users. 

The "share" button will create more exposure, but the github does have a road-map. I have infiltrated this new platform that could one day facilitate the commentary of many bitcoiners and their data. It can also serve as a functional use for the tokenomics, and can assist in a POS system as a facilitator of transactions. 

How large are the goals of developer? Is this a site just to prove the lightening network is instantaneous, trust-less, decentralized, and functional? Or will its database one day be hosted in the cloud so users can access its content around the globe while being able to transact instantaneously in a P2P network? 

This is a huge ramble because I don't want to work on Molecular Biology, which is another post that will be found in the science channel. 

I appreciate the opportunity to see the creation you are putting together here. It is a work of art and I enjoy it. It's a technical masterpiece that has me hoping for more. 

I leave you with a cover performance by Brass Against; Tool's The Pot