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There are many ways to earn money on Zapread. Everything is earned in the form of Bitcoin. Go to for more information on Bitcoin.

  1. Posts: For every post you make, other users can pay to support your post, or to bury your post. If your post is supported 60% of the funds go to you, the creator. 20% goes to the group where the post was made, 10% goes to all Zapread users, and 10% goes to Zapread.
  2. Comments: Similar to posts, for every comment you make, 60% goes to you, 20% goes to the post author, 10% goes to the community, and 10% goes to Zapread.
  3. Groups: Groups collect funds from votes on posts within the group. These funds are distributed to the authors of posts within the group. More recent posts, and posts with higher scores are more likely to receive a higher portion of the distribution. This rewards and incentivizes frequent quality authors within the group.
  4. Community: All users on Zapread can receive community payments. Each post you make has a chance to receive community payments. More recent posts, and posts with higher scores are more likely to receive community payments.
Groups Community

Groups are small communities of interest on Groups have unique administrators and moderators.

Finance Income Groups Community

Income from both groups and community are distributed daily.

In most countries, yes. You are responsible to report any earnings as prescribed by your local laws.