Monero has been going up in the last 24 hours about 10% or more. Could this mean that the coin is ready for a larger pump which could put the coin at $100 or just dump from here, who knows.

But one thing is certain Monero is not just an altcoin, the privacy of the coin is something that Bitcoin can't offer at the moment, the US government has banned addresses from trading, and they are tracking all transactions for law enforcement and probably to also shake you out and taxes you.

The US didn't create Bitcoin nor they can create it at will and it is not legal tender yet if you use it they want their share on it. If you bought Bitcoin to just give half to your overlords than you should get out and sell all bitcoins that you may have. Bitcoin was created to by pass government restrictions and also taxes, it is not that shouldn't pay it is just that you are paying to a government that listen less to you and doesn't represent you.

The only way to kill the parasite is to stop feeding it, and to remove it from the host.

Monero is not perfect but the privacy on Monero is better than Bitcoin. Criminals adopt that they can use so you as a law obedient citizen should want no less.