Recently I watched Adam Back's presentation about Simplicity. Well, we have a revolution, don't we?

I'm afraid I didn't understand everything, but..:
- This is a low-programming language. You could call it a Bitcoin Assembler. But as any computer scientist knows, you can write anything, C++, PHP, Python and so on in Assembler. So you can write smart contracts, for example.
- This language is very fast and lightweight, the code interpreter itself has 15KB!
- This language is mathematically verifiable
- It can replace Soft Forks. Instead of creating Soft Forks, you just put the code in Simplicity, and old nodes (with support for Soft Forks) can adopt the following changes
- He may enter anonymous transactions
- You can share the contract code and only the interesting part you send. If we have for example:
* If 2 people sign a transaction, send the money.
* "If 1 person signs and 10,000 blocks pass, send the money.

Instead of sending both conditions, you can send one.

For me? WOW