Today the almost inevitable happened when the House Majority Leader announced that Articles of Impeachment will be drawn up against Donald Trump. He so richly deserves to be impeached that the Judiciary Committee has to be careful not to pile on so much that they are accused of zealotry. But Trump's presidency will be remembered for something far worse than the high crimes and misdemeanors that will be recorded in those articles. The Orange Buffoon sitting in the Oval Office has succeeded at defining the real world itself for his slavishly loyal followers in the Republican Party.  As if through some sort of Jedi Mind Trick he has replaced the facts that are with alternative narratives that suit him better while he shreds the US Constitution he swore to defend and uphold. His defenders over the last few weeks have accumulated exactly nothing to counter the mountain of evidence pointing to Trump's misdeeds. Of late they have taken to claiming that the holes in the evidence created by the President's Obstruction of Congress are reason to not proceed with impeachment. Never mind that Obstructing Congress is in itself an impeachable offence. Trump instructed his administration to defy 71 congressional subpoenas. All the Republicans can say to that is …….. nothing. They deflect and insist that the process is illegitimate. It is not. Even the Republican's witness to yesterday's judicial hearing admitted that the process is legitimate, his only concern being that it is too hasty and there are holes in the case created by the President's refusal to cooperate. Think about that, the best the Republicans could do was produce a constitutional expert who would quibble about the haste of the process. He told the Democratic Chairman that the proper course would be to let the White House's court challenges fail and then hear their sworn testimonies.  The Supreme Court has already ruled that Congressional Subpoenas are to be obeyed. They did so during the Nixon impeachment. There is no reason that decision will be overturned and no reason to wait to see it upheld. Yet here we are today with both the House Minority Leader and the Senate Majority Leader claiming that the Democrats have no case. At least within the Republican Party, Trump now defines the truth. It is whatever he says it is. Let's all hope that the rest of us can resist his Stalinist wizardry.