Panellus serotinus - Hat 40-130 mm; shelled, kidney-shaped, fan-shaped, spatulate; initially convex, arched, with an inclined edge, later flat, with a straight edge; attached to the ground with the side, short shaft. Surface dry, smooth or suede; The color is dark green, green-brown, later greenish-gray, olive, brown, ocher-brown, yellow-brown. Under the skin, a thin jelly-like layer. When wet very sticky.

Lamellae very tightly set, decurrent; pale yellow, orange, with age ocher.

Stem very short, 8-14 mm high, 10-20 mm thick; full, laterally set, light yellow in color, with ocher age; with darker, brown scales on the surface.

Flesh is quite soft, spongy; whitish, yellowish. The taste is mild, slightly bitter; weak, mushroom flavor.

Occurrence: In various types of forests, on living and dead trunks, stumps, deciduous tree, less coniferous trees, in shady and damp places. It grows usually in bulk, in bundles, in clusters, roofing; from September to December, light frosts do not hurt him. Quite common.

Value: edible fungus.