Sapien  is a totally thrilling platform and has a comparable experience to Steemit and different Steem dapps. It’s additionally very different and precise in its personal way. Let’s check how it differs from different dapps and dive into the world this is the Sapien Network.

If you’ve examine my preceding opinions or ratings of social systems you may understand that Sapien has moved round a touch bit for me but has constantly been in my top 10. Over the yr that I’ve been on Sapien, I’ve visible them make major UI enhancements, enhance their loading instances, and retain to push for steady upgrades and updates month over month liberating improvement updates to keep us knowledgeable and up to date on things.

Looking at the home newsfeed, you’ll see that it feels pretty similar to Steem allowing you to either upvote or downvote and notice the earned SPN tokens from the ones upvotes in addition to to remark and reshare. What in addition they have is the potential to bookmark posts and save them.

Posting on the platform is fairly easy. You can write an editorial as I’m doing now, share just a hyperlink, embed media, or set up a ballot . Above we've got the media publisher where you'll absolutely add a identify, a video, a thumbnail picture, after which set the Tribe (category) you are posting to and submit. You also can decide if you want your fans to look your put up or simply have it proven publicly and whether or not or no longer you need to acquire rewards (if you’re doing some thing for charity and many others.).

The publisher has come an extended way although it may be a tiny bit perplexing when say posting a video and now not figuring out that you additionally need a image for the thumbnail or once more in case you write an editorial with no images, it'd show up in the newsfeed 

You can see that the first put up changed into formatted successfully whereas the second one didn’t have a thumbnail. This isn’t that bad so it’s truly my simplest criticism/problem and I anticipate it is able to without difficulty be changed and or as soon as people discern it out, they’ll be precise to move shifting forward.

Similarly to Steem, you could stake your SPN for higher rewards and greater functionality. Originally, you’ll need to stake 100 tokens to offer you get entry to to carry out moves and earn rewards at the network, but you can nevertheless use the platform in a read-simplest style without staking. This PDF explains everything about staking on Sapien: https://www.Sapien.Network/static/pdf/Staking_SPN_Overview.Pdf

There are many advantages to staking in the works to come out inside the future such as earning from advert sales, listing services and products on their market, get right of entry to to premium content, and with commercials, you’ll have the choice also to pay a small charge to decide-out of ads in case you ought to pick out.

You also can earn SPN from interacting at the platform by way of creating posts, commenting, and balloting on other people’s content.


Sapien still has a few approaches to go together with their writer, making profiles extra attractive, and constructing out the Sapien community, but it has a whole lot of capability and that’s why I previously ranked it fifth on my scores for top blockchain decentralized social networks while considering it’s feature set, blockchain integration, cryptocurrency monetization, profitability, ease of use, cell application or lack thereof, design and format, network, centralized vs decentralized, being absolutely operational, troubleshooting, user favorability, internet site load instances, and the ability to sell your content or put it up for sale. There isn’t a ton of profitability to the platform in its cutting-edge country, but with some upgrades, and a bigger network, I could see Sapien being one of the bigger mainstream opportunity blockchain social structures.