Well, what can I say?? Another boring old day in Greece having fun! HaHa!  

We started off with a breakfast and coffee at a cafe about 15 feet from the ratty old Mediterranean, sitting in the sun admiring the view.  Terrible way to start the day!  

We caught the 10:30 bus to Epidavros and really enjoyed the ride - only about 30 minutes and some really nice, green countryside. Very mountainous, lots of olive and orange trees and bougainvillea everywhere.  

The temple here was dedicated to Asclepias and was a major healing centre in ancient Greece and into the 3rd century AD.  There are few standing pieces in the rest of the site but the theatre is amazing. It would hold 15,000 people. We were fortunate here because the centre was not roped off and Rick and I took turns standing right in the middle and testing the acoustics while the other person climbed to the very top to listen. And it was possible to hear a normal speaking voice clearly, way up there. The pictures are not great as the sun was just coming up behind the theatre. There is also a small archaeological museum here with an assortment of headless statues, but also plans and information on the buildings that were originally here.

In all, it’s a very small site and we were ready to catch the 12:30 bus back to Nafplio.

When we returned to Nafplio, we stopped at the small grocery store for some picnic things and then, inspired by the runners of the previous day, started up the 900 stairs to visit the Palamilo Castle (We did NOT run up the stairs though!). There is an incredible view from the top. This is me, at about the 1/3 point.  There is a small admission charge to the castle - which I though they should waive for those who walk up.  Most people drive up. I counted the stairs and 900 only gets you to the ticket office at the base of the walls.  No idea how many more stairs we climbed to day BUT in Cappadocia my Garmin said we climbed 72 flights of stairs - a record.  Today we did 77 flights of stairs!  A NEW record!

The castle has 8 intact bastions and is in excellent condition. It was still decked out in Greek flags from the festivities yesterday.

Our picnic spot... and then 900 steps down again!

4 pm and we have discovered a new way to end the day - Irish Coffee!  LOL

We wandered the streets for an hour or so before heading back to our room for a picnic supper.  Yesterday the town was alive. Today, everything is closed.  Maybe they close on Mondays?  Not sure. 

It was another fantastic day!