Coprinellus micaceus - Hat diameter 20 to 40 mm, initially egg-shaped, spherical, later conical, spread with a cracked edge. Surface longitudinally brindled, striated, covered with white, ocher, shiny grains that disappear with age or can be easily wiped off. Beige, yellow-brown, darker in the middle. It melts completely during wet weather.

Gills thick, narrowly adnate to the stipe; whitish, yellowish, with age black; the blades remain white for a long time. During the drought, they can dry up. After ripening, they melt with the hat.

Stem 50 to 100 mm high, 3 to 5 mm thick; smooth, shiny, whitish, empty; when young, slightly dusted, then naked.

Flesh is very thin, fragile, white. The taste is mild, the smell is poorly felt.

Occurrence: In forests, parks, gardens; at the roots of trees, crumbling stumps, on the remains of hardwood. It grows graciously, in tufts; from May to November. Very frequent.

Value: Mushroom but only young fruiting bodies.