Lots of walking today.  For those that have been here, we walked from the Hippodrome, through the Spice Market, across the Galata Bridge, to the Galata Tower, to Taksim Square, then a bus to Choro Church, then walked back to the Galata Bridge.  Then I admit was was wearing out so we took the tram back to Sultanahmet Square.  25,251 paces.  Not a record but a decent distance.

The Galata tower is very interesting but the lineup was around the tower and across the square so we settled for a look at the outside. It’s Genoan and has that distinctive Italian look to it. The walk to Taksim square quite a long way down a pedestrian only road.  More upscale, more trendy shops as we’d see in our shopping malls. A block off this main street it was back to the tight, windy, “traditional” turkish shops that we think are so much fun. We took a bus to Chora Church, Kariye Museum.  Really lovely!  It did remind us of Ravenna, Italy.  The mosaics are from the 13th century (where Ravenna’s are from the 3rd century). 

Supper was some sort of bagel-ee thing with Nutella from a street vendor.  Quite zummy.  

Quite a full day!