As IntinteVOD is slowly but surely developing (I can't speed up all the processes - recompressing videos, adding features will take some time), I decided to refresh my forgotten project. As there is a motivation to develop it now, it is worth saying something about it.

What is Yu-Gi-Oh!

First, it's worth telling us what YGO is. It's one of the most popular (although Konami says it's the most popular) card game. Today the game has several thousand different cards, every now and then it is reset by a mechanic, every now and then a new anime about other people's stories is created.

However, as some people hear "Konami", they know that Japanese companies often ... have strange values in comparison to our - western ones.

So by releasing 40 or some variation of the game they decided to block all unofficial versions of games that were not Pay2Win and so on.

Summoned Monsters

Project Summoned Monsters was created so that the open engine YGOPro could be used in a fully fledged game inspired by the original ... or not?

As I wrote, from time to time the game invented new game mechanics that turn everything upside down. The point is that the players have to exchange all their cards. It's probably a good move from the marketing and earning point of view, but not from the average player's point of view.

Summoned Monsters (OpenYGO) will focus on creating an alternative version of the first generation of the game from the 90's. When the "heart of the cards" was at stake, where combos were not as big as they are today, where drawing the card was a decisive factor in winning or losing.

And that's the climate I want to recreate in part... but in a more difficult version. Every year the game became simpler and simpler, and I don't want to play it. Let the game be difficult (I mean taking risks).

Some time ago I made a card generator, which on the basis of data produced its own, author's cards. You have to rewrite all the mechanics, to write it I used Love2d, the LUA engine. Initially I wanted to use Enigma-dev, but the project has better and worse days, then it had extremely worse.

Now I will try to rewrite it on PHP with Imagemagick / GD engine. This will allow you to create a CLI version without having an X server, which will solve many problems.

Additionally, PHP will be able to replace the Bash scripts that are used in the project (at least some of them).

The problem is, as usual, C#. There are things written in C# for YGOPro engine, and I don't know C# (3rd party).

Well, it's time to slowly start reactivating Summoned Monsters ;)