Today is a good day to return to this forum after a long absence. I have simply been busy with other things these last few months and frankly developments in North America and Britain have been astoundingly confusing and hard to keep track of let alone formulate a coherent commentary. But today is perhaps the end of the beginning for both BREXIT and The Daily Horror Show that is the Trump Presidency.

Britain is on its way to a December election which will hopefully see the voters demand a clear stand on BREXIT from their local candidates. If they do that and their informed vote produces a viable majority in Parliament then Britains' BREXIT nightmare will end in some semblance of the will of the people. What that will be is either no BREXIT, BREXIT with the current deal offered from the EU or a no-deal BREXIT. I very much prefer that Britain remains within the EU but if one of the other two options can be credibly represented by a majority of MPs then so be it.

In the US, the House of Representatives has established the rules for the impeachment process as they seek to determine whether or not Trump abused his power in an effort to bully Ukraine into investigating a potential opponent for the 2020 election. This action has clearly re-established the oversight role that the US constitution says rest with the people's house of representatives. The House of Representatives embodies the people's oversight of their elected government. By the time the impeachment investigations are complete it should be known whether or not Trump is credibly guilty of high crimes or misdemeanors and the Senate will have to wrestle with their duty to convict or not. The next few weeks will lets us all see just how far the Republicans will go in their determination to put party over country.

In Canada, the recent election has returned a minority government with the Liberals under Justin Trudeau now dependent on obtaining support from another  party in order to get anything done. A resurgent, separatist Bloc Quebecois is going to discover that more seats, without actually holding the balance of power or being the official opposition is a very hollow "victory" indeed. More likely they will simply be ignored, their claim to being the voice of Quebec belied by the fact they hold less than half of Quebec's parliamentary seats. A recent uptick in separatist talk in the western provinces appears to be simply a social media enabled effort to get attention, no credible western Canadian politician is advocating separation from Canada. Minority governments can work very well if all parties collaborate toward the common good. Lets hope they do that.