I am fun of coinpot faucets which give you free sats on every claim about 0.00000150 daily or more depending in how many claims you do.

I accumulate around 0.000035 exchange it for ltc, send it to cobo wallet, withdraw from my channel 22k btc sats, convert that to ltc, once I have the minimum convert it back to Bitcoin, send back the money to my channel. Keep the rest around 3080 sats out of 3500 losing 400 sats in exchange, take those sats into zapread and free voting powers.

The minimum withdraw for coinpot is 10k sats and out if those you have to pay tx fees, this way I get to withdraw early heck if I want to I could even withdraw every 1000 sats.

I do it because this is the power of Lightning Network, I can make micro payments just like that. Some kyc was required for cobo to not give me problems and I love it because LN empowers users.

And I get to vote for free and utilize Lightning Network superpowers.