I don't know how that term works in English. In Poland (and not only) because of the Second World War and communism there was an idea of "cards".

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Meat card

Communism assumed that private property does not exist and everything should belong to the state. So there were state shops, state cinemas, state hotels, state banks and so on, without private property (at least large).

However, the state economy is not efficient enough, which led to shortages in goods. In order to prevent this, the state introduced rationing of goods. Meat, milk, butter, groats, soap, cigarettes (...). Everything required, apart from money, special cards.

Of course, there weren't so many goods on the shelves, so people were queuing to try to buy food.

Now, of course, there are no food "cards" in Poland. And may there never be any more in any country ;) Such a historical curiosity.