Super Bro is one of the games that allow you to earn Bitcoins (or more precisely Satoshi). In the game we play the role of some hero who is to save Satoshi Nakamoto.

The game is of course inspired by Mario, so if someone likes this type of game he can play. We can play for free as many times as we want, but we have one life. Of course, our goal is to save Satoshi and collect as many coins as possible. If we succeed, they will be converted into cryptocurrency and added to our Satoshis Games wallet.

Does the game work? Yes, although it has quite a strange control (you have to feel it). Unfortunately, after understanding the rules of mechanics the game is not very difficult and I've already passed it a few times (although I didn't pay out the money :P). So if Bitcoin was a million dollars each, I could live off it :D

Unfortunately, the game is based on stolen sound effects, it's a pity, because there are whole bases of free graphics and sounds.

The game has a few bugs, but these are not glitches, and some shortcomings. For example, after crossing the finish line the time is still counted down, so we can win the level, but lose all improvements (e.g. fire hero) if the time goes up. It seems to me that collisions are also "square", not "precise".

It's worth checking the game or other games. I liked the idea so much that maybe I can finish my game and upload it to ... Who knows?  ;)