If you here see me sometimes writing negative things about Bitcoin, don't take it the wrong way it is constructive criticism.

It is so that you know what's Bitcoin is actually missing, and what other projects throw at you as well.

To tell you the truth I don't speak out just because, I have run the software in my PC and I actually have used this stuff.

I have used or speculate on bch, ltc, DCR, doge, x-cash, and some others but all the time with the intention of getting more Bitcoin.

You need to understand that until the first exchange uses something is pure speculation, like bakkt, sure they didn't come in rushing in but the door is there sooner or later Ins. Inv. Will come in. But they will do it later on.

A lot of people is waiting in the sidelines.

So any negative news from anyone take it as criticism and as a point to improve on.