If you see any chart you may think that 2019 price high of around of $14,000, is the start of a new bull run, but that also looks like a bear rally meaning that that high it is just another lower high. Meaning that we still are in a bear market since the last all time high.

Even when Bitcoin is a well known name and the first that is not enough reason for price to go crazy in a sustainable way. The fact of the matter is that Bitcoin is not ready for any of the things or reasons of Bitcoin existence.

Can't be use as a currency because of the small blocks which it is supposed to be it first utility, and for the same reason in a crisis like the one that a lot of YouTuber describe it won't help you either. Imagen US economy goes the way or Argentina than you will know why Bitcoin won't help you, because of the block size tx will be so expensive and in a crisis like you need to move money around as fast as possible as cheap as possible.

Lighting Network is not ready and it won't be at least for the next 2 years, and even if ready the best way to actually use LN it is with custodian wallets making that a security risk because they can run with the funds or governments may try to seize those funds. If you tried to run your own ln node you will still have to paid the higher fees and run the risk that is the economy is bad you may have electricity shortages and don't have a good internet connection or a grid.

If countries in crisis have thought you something is that the basic thing we depend on may or may not be there, lighting network requires two important things a constant supply of electricity and a internet connection this two thing have to be there 24/7. And countries in crisis have shown already this two thing may not be there.

So lightning network as a scalability solution won't help you in a crisis like this situation, but on chain transaction are way more secure in this kind of problems, but once again Blockstream and everyone that supports current Bitcoin scalability solution will make sure that in a crisis you lose.

So Bitcoin is not hard money any longer you can thank blockstream and all of their supporters, I wonder if zapread is also in the pocket of blockstream tiny blocks army.

Now you know that if you want your Bitcoin to be useful in a crisis like situation you need large blocks to process more tx even if you don't have a reliable internet connection or internet. 


Si Bitcoin can't be use as a currency because of high fees, nor in a crisis because in a crisis fees will be even higher, and LN won't help you either because to open channels it will be high as well.