Personally I always had days with more or less usage of Zapread: posting some memes, comenting on posts (partially just to keep the community alive) and so on. In a matter of fact at the "About" page of Zapread shows some nice data and I actually could spot the days I was active... (not by spending means but by interaction)But in the past few Months I used it a lot less because there was almost no interaction... a comment here or there but not enough (Mentioned in an way older post as well).

But the new hot page gives more attention to comments which I really appreciate! And it already sparked some conversation!

So thanks for your deveopment @Zelgada‌! Keep it up (at your pace)

and also @fwtf‌ as a "relatively" new user: welcome! You made me write this post because of some interaction and actually seeing you being active!