Even when this forum is about Bitcoin, let's talk Litecoin,I just noticed something about Litecoin, well it depends on how you look at things, this is my perspective which may not may not be right.

The founder of Litecoin sold his coins in 2018, all of them, but I don't have any proof that such thing actually happen, but for argument sake let's say it actually happen.

That will mean Litecoin is better distributed amount its users, meaning that Lee will just be another user for the market. If price pumps you will not have the worries that some founder may dump on you. Even if Lee brought back even then the price will be fair because he will not be selling as a founder which means he got the coins with very little effort but instead as a market participant. Meaning that now he will take risks when selling or buying just like any other market participant.

That to me is bullish because you will not have the problems that the xrp community is having when it comes to price dumps because Ripple is continuing to sell and sell.