The imminent death of democracy seems to be a common theme in these days of populist right wing politicians taking up the mantle and pushing illiberal ideas. The two poster boys for this are Donald Trump and his British doppleganger Boris Johnson. Trump continues to jeopardize his re-election chances on a daily basis and Boris seems to be on a short road to the ash heap of history in the midst of one of the most confusing political crises in modern history.

Today the UK Parliament  narrowly voted to table a bill that if passed will prevent Boris Johnson from executing a no deal Brexit on Oct 31st. Johnson has threatened that if that bill passes he will call a snap election for mid-October, just two weeks before Britain is scheduled to leave the EU with or without a deal. This writer has written before that the proper way for Britain to proceed out of this mess is to hold a second referendum to clarify just what Britons want to do about their membership in the EU. A snap election is about as good as it gets for settling that matter. The biggest problem is that with only two weeks to do anything, a newly mandated government will have to hit the ground running.

This is not perfect but democracies are not perfect and never will be. Boris Johnson has never led his party through a general election yet seems to believe that simply by virtue pf winning a majority of conservative party member votes he has the authority to take deeply profound actions without even the consent of Parliament. Parliament is duty bound to push back against such despotism.

There are signs of people yearning to have more say over their governance in Moscow and Hong Kong as well as Paris, London and America. Perhaps we in the west had to be at the brink of losing what we have before we realized what we have got. Let's hope it is not too late.