Some of you have been working in LN for months now. I have a few questions for you.

Do you have any idea what Bitcoin LN is being used for, besides testing?

What I mean to say if where payments are going to,

I understand LN is supposed to be a scale solution for Bitcoin but I understood was supposed to be for small payments, but now I see big channels with big money creating channels, hubs and nodes like . I understand that for large payments you should use onchain payments. Now I believe payments going from $500 and up should go on onchain, but everything else on LN.

Now my question is when all of this big money guys start creating this big channels and nodes what options will the small guy with less than 0.10 will have in routing payments.

You see not everyone has 1000 Bitcoin to spare, some new people enter the BTC project after 2017. Meaning the average person will have only 0.003. so for those with less than 0.1 what chance do they have to participate in the routing fee game. Or small players are destined to just paid up and shut up. Because from my prospective it is looking like only big pocket will have a chance to route payments successfully. That will end up in centralization, but if a guy with 0.1 or even 0.01 can route payments this person will have a insensitive to run a node as well.

And last I am the guy that had issues before when my LN wallet didn't process and my channel was punish. I still whole Bitcoin, I still want to play with LN.

Could you please give and idea of how a node should be connected to route payments?

I am planning to create a new node and connect to the following nodes: zigzag 0.005, boltzexchange 0.005, zapread 0.0011, blue wallet 0.001, lightning roulette 0.001, tipme 0.003 and living room of satoshi 0.01, acinq node 0.004

All of this channels will only be outbound so I won't be routing anything if I don't spend any satoshi, right?

Can I route payments if I leave the funds untouched but some of those nodes connect to me with inbound channels?

My question is, if I don't spend my fund on my outbound channels but someone else opens a inbound channel with me,  can I route payments that way? or I need to spend funds in my outbound channels regardless if I have inbound channels with somebody else or same channels or nodes I opened my outbound channels with?

I would like the idea of routing payments but I don't have any need to spend my bitcoins right now, but I am interested in routing payments and collect fees, I have the possibility of running my node in my own computer and my own internet connection, but I am not interested in spending my btc. Now could you please help me with my questions?

I believed people running their own node, on their own hardware is the way to go to fight centralization, unfortunately I am not willing to spend my coins, but I could help the network by helping with my own node and hardware. In return get some satoshis as fees. Running a bitcoin node alone doesn't pay but LN might.