LIghting network and any second layer solutions will not work.

The technical barrier will be even greater than what it is now, lightning network will only be for those who have a high degreed of knowledge of computer, not every one will be able to create lightning node or channels and a lot of people will lose money by trying it without realizing that they are risking their money on a tech that is not going to work.

I install lightning peach and I created a channel with living room of satoshi, because they have the wallet of satoshi. I could used the wallet of satoshi but that will end up being centralized if everyone starts using that wallet to use the lightning network, besides I don't want someone else to hold my private keys because not your keys not nor bitcoins.

Well I managed to create the channel and I sent a few satoshis just to test it, but for some odd reason on my trying the lightning network I sent a payment that my peach wallet didn't register but wallet of satoshi did, so the node living room of satoshi closed my channel and since this could be seen as a attack or a attempt to cheap the channel the next time I open the wallet my channel was closed and the funds were gone, gone to the other part because of the penalty.

Peach wallet didn't sent the payment but wallet of satoshi did received it, so in this instance the node living room got this as an attempt to gain the system even when it was not my intention, at this point I am out of 0.0034 bitcoin, it is not a lot of money but it is a lot to me to understand lightning will never work.

So people will point fingers at me telling it is my fault for the using LND or whatever the name of the LN software is, y point is I lost bitcoins because the software that rules the LN network one part reported a tx and the other didn't so I got the short end of the stick. Now I could had used Wallet of Satoshi directly and sent my coin there, but that will for sure 1000% sure that in the end using custodial wallet will only end up in centralization.

In other to a fine channel working you need to have a stable internet connection and a software that is reliable, in this world nothing is like that, take my example I just lost 0.0034 because one program didn't register the other ones tx, I was not trying yo still satoshis from living room of satoshi node, I was trying to used it and to test it.

I will send this article to wallet of satoshi and maybe they do understand what has happened but I don't think they will give my bitcoins back, because it was a glitch the lightning protocol sees this error as attempts to steal coins and punish you by losing the entire thing.

Now you will say that I could had learn to use LInux and run LND on linux and that I know the risk, that is not the point the point is that normal day people will not be jumping all of this problems just to buy a bottle of water, and to fund out they lost all of their money because there was a time delay, a firewall or any glitch in the software and now you lost your live saving money.

People have enough problems trying to send bitcoins from one wallet to another, and LN only means more technical issues for the average user. People with enough computer knowledge will run LN and never have this kind of issues but they are not the world, people with computer knowledge will not bring max adoption, running a lightning node in a imperfect world is irresponsible, and even if people with knowledge run it this will bring centralization because people will be force to used wallets like BlueWallet, Wallet of Satoshi that solves the problem of the technical stuff but leaves you with centralization in the other hand not to mention that your coins are now in somebody else's wallet.

Even in Windows with a GUI running LN will be hard, the only option I know is Eclair, Peach Wallet and lightning wallet, this programs may get more friendly to not savvy computer users in a couple of years if the technical barrier is not broken and applications are written for people will less computer skills are created LN will for sure fail.

Now I have experiment with eclair but that also just issues it, I tried to make a channel with living room of satoshi and my channel was closed for no reason I didn't lose fund but except for the tx fees.

LN is not working for the regular user, the running of a LN node is not easy, even the mainchain is a challenge for a lot of people. The people who don't know how to use LN and even onchain tx are the ones that will bring max adopting not your average nerd. 

i knew BitcoinLN had this issues, but I didn't know that I was actually going to experience a lost myself. I do understand why it happened, but you also have to know I was doint everything every carefully and I still lost my funds because of the protocol punishment which is not a bad idead but in my case I was not trying to cheat, just used it, I also noticed that I couldn't received any payments only sent.

I am sorry to tell you but Bitcoin need to scale but in the main chain, blockstream has stop the development of the chain because they want to profit  from second layer solutions, but the truth is LN is not Bitcoin, it never was, it will never be. 

I do understand increasing the block size will put some issues on the node that run the bitcoin, I also understand that leaving the block at 1mb helps  the people running the BTC nodes in terms of hard drive space.

In  10 years they blockchain is only 300GB, I thing that with the blockchain blocks should be increase as the rewards increase by doubling it every 4 years as well. 

I don't want to use LN in a centralized way, this has thought me it is not save to run your own LN nodes and I don't want to send my coins to some custodial wallet just to used bitcoin in a fast manner.

The Blockchain block size has to increase and blocktream has to get out of Bitcoin dev team. I think that if we start increasing the block size every 4 years or so we can keep up with demand segwit should be also increase. The development of LN should continue because it can work in the future or in a centralized manner (custodial wallet) but development in the main chain should continue by increasing the block size to 2mb by next halving and 8mg in segwit.

We already have 4th laptop hard drives so the storage solution will not be a problem.

I thing that we already have 8th hard drives in the market already those will become cheaper in 1 to 3 years.

Or will have to move to Bitcoin Cash.

MIners will stay in Bitcoin core because they want to make money, but remember miner are just mules taking the cargo from place a to place b, they don't own bitcoin nor they can say what they mined is what is get to be call Bitcoin.

We need a proposal to increase the block size at the same speed of the block halving not much faster and only by doubling every 4 years, we need to start that proposal or risk destroying Bitcoin. LN is not ready and the technical barrier will continue to be there for a least another 10 years. In the meantime we need to work in the main chain.

Doubling the block size every 4 years will not hurt the nodes because they will have enough time to adopt their hardware.

Bitcoin Cash is not Bitcoin, we need to implement what is has worked so far that is normal Bitcoin and segwit.

The block size should be increase for tx on 1, 3 and bc1 blocks that being old bitcoin protocol plus SegWit.

I had never had any issues with SegWit of me losing fund by any glitch nor  in 3 address nor bc1 addresses.

Please shared this post to everyone you know and let us improve Bitcoin.