Despite the tragic situation in the country to which politicians have led, the bitcoin community of Venezuela has not given up and fights.

Listen to the podcast about the situation in Venezuela (00: 00-12: 00) and how thanks to talented people in this country, a mesh network called Locha is developed (from 12:00), which will allow communication (including transmission of Bitcoin and LN transactions) without using the internet or even without power from the outlet. All based on open source software, legal radio frequencies, cheap and available equipment (wifi routers), assisted by the Blockstream satellite, and many other interesting ideas.

Locha Twitter:
Bitcoin Venezuela Twitter:
BTC support for Bitcoin Venezuela: bc1quxkp0kd9w2mgsw82a6uhax0ev5er9javqlk7aj (do not trust, verify! Always check yourself if the address you find on the network belongs to those to whom you want to send transactions)