The newly minted Premier of Alberta has proclaimed what he calls the "Turn of the Taps" law that will allow the Albert a government to deny oil and gas to British Columbia. He has also dangled the prospect of a referendum on leaving Canada - something he apparently learned from his "buddies"  the separatists in Quebec.

He thinks that these tough guy tactics will prompt BC to suddenly accede to Alberta's wishes to build a pipeline to the west coast. I doubt the BC government will cave in to bullying but even if they do there are other actors in this drama who likely will not. Various BC native groups have the capacity to block pipeline construction and are willing to do so. The BC government cannot stop them. The Federal Government has the ability to stop a pipeline, it probably will not, having bought the Trans-Mountain project after that company threw up its hands in frustration at the torpid pace of obtaining approvals. Kenney's campaign promised to fight the Federal Liberals to get pipelines approved. THE FEDERAL LIBERALS are not the problem.

Threatening a referendum on separation would be irresponsibly dangerous if it wasn't such a joke. Quite a high proportion of Albertans are from outside the province. They are unlikely to vote to leave Canada. Alberta's "grievances" are not cultural like those imagined by the separatists in Quebec. Alberta's "grievances" boil down to they are not making as much money as they want to. initiating a constitutional fight will cost all of Canada a lot of money over a long period of time and Alberta will pay more than anyone.

Besides Kenney and his fellow travelers seem to have horse shoes rammed up their asses. The day after they won office on the basis of accusing the NDP of ruining Alberta's oil based economy, the US threatened sanctions against anyone buying Iranian oil. The price of crude has been rising ever since. As the price of crude rises, Alberta's economy heats up. Kenney hasn't had the chance to do anything at all and already the Alberta economic outlook is better than it was.

So why the Ferengi reference? the United Conservative Party ran on the same "Open for Business" mantra as the Ontario Conservatives under Doug Ford. The Federal Conservatives under Andrew Scheer also crow about being "open for business". It is as if Canadian Conservatives have decided that the "Rules of Acquisition" should replace the Canadian Constitution. They also seem be too aggressive and closed minded for their own good like the Ferengi tend to be. Surely they can do better than that. Canada deserves that they at least try.