As we all know altcoins are apperently taking over but the truth is very different, you see I am not interested in you believing me, just want to share my ideas and findings. It is true I do this resereach that takes up my time I do it becuase I want to make sure my mind has a peace of mind while I hold my little bit of Bitcoin.

you see bitcoin market dominance is suppose to be about 50% and a price of around $5300, well a lot of newbies, investors and everyone else think that their altcoin is the next big thing coming and that they will gain but they lost for not investing in bitcoin before when the price was on pennies and even below 100 dollars. The whole reason altcoins are growing is one whales are buying it so that they can multiply their Bitcoin holdings nothing wrong with it and second newcomers seeing that they could buy 0.00000200 bitcoin or 1 whole tron when tron was 1 penny and thinking that is more easy to increase from one penny to one dollar than from $5000 to $500,000. To the simple minded that logic seems true but it actually isn't, because a lot of this 1 penny coins have a supply on the billions, meaning that if those coins where to get to that dollar the total market cap will have to be on the billions or even trillions of dollar. I will put an example: let/s say that Bitcoin is at $100k price for Bitcoin and the market dominance is still at 50% and ripple is at a 10% market dominance that means that the total market cap of ripple xrp will be $105,000,000,000, that divided by the total supply that will mean that the total price will be $1.05 dollars for each xrp, so for xrp for example to be worth $5 it will need to be at least half of the total supply of coin. at $100,000 the total market cap of cryptocurrency will be 200 billion dollar if Bitcoin continues to be at least 50% dominance bitcoin has a chance on gaining even more market capitalization. For xrp to be value at $5 it will need to be at least 50% market dominance as today the market dominance of xrp is only 8.05%.

But for the future Bitcoin will need to increase its market cap dominance, but since the supply is small at only 21 million and being number one Bitcoin has a good chance to go up on volumen, price and market dominance. I think that once whales are done buying and pumping the altcoins market the time to dump will start. These whales are trying to increase their Bitcoin holdings they don't believe in this coins they just want more Bitcoins and by that more dollars, but eventually these same whales that are buying today will dump and dump harder than the  2018 bear market.

Some people may disagree with me, but for 10 years the only two coins that I have seen survive the test of time and market cap capitalization, dominance and raking are two Bitcoin and Litecoin.

The case of LItecoin is something special, you see right now if you  trade let say a small altcoin you could trade it and exchange it for Bitcoin LN using swap site like zigzag and Since Litecoin is old almost as Bitcoin, Litecoin has a great future as long as Bitcoin continues to be number 1. Pretty soon people will buy litecoin exchange it for Bitcoin LN for a small fee. Because once Bitcoin reaches $100,000 onchain Bitcoin transaction will be too expensive for $3 transactions, so you will buy Litecoin and exchange it for Bitcoin LN and if Litecoin is at $1000 at the price litecoin will be about 3% market dominance so you could send about 0.003 Litecoin into a swap exchange website and they will convert it for a fee into Bitcoin, but since Bitcoin tx is too expensive you will need to exchange it for satoshis in the lightning network with Bitcoin at $100k and Litecoin at $1k you will get about 2500 satoshis.

So you see, in the future Bitcoin and LItecoin will be killing it, because one will complement the other, in the future when Bitcoin and LItecoin becomes too expensive that being $1m Bitcoin and $10k Litecoin than another altcoin will take up the place of Litecoin it will have to be a coin with less than 100m supply and not a fork of Bitcoin and some coin that is compatible with Bitcoin LN.

You see at this point I don't know of any other altcoin that works together with Bitcoin other than Litecoin, if you know of any other coin that could be pair with Bitcoin and Bitcoin LN like litecoin please let me know so that I can buy it now if it is cheap.