I usually visit two subreddits about bitcoin: r/bitcoin and r/btc.

The problem is that both accuse each other of agenda pushing. It's hard to get an objective view onto matters because of this weird behaviour.

I would really love to hear about your experience because:

- Zapread isn't censored but only voted down eventually

- Since this a a smalll community for now I believe everyone is real and I havent seen any "hard trolling" yet

Correct me if I'm wrong on anything:

r/bitcoin was founded to have a place for the community but with a growing community the mods moderated more (as in deleting all alt coin discussions because r/BITCOIN) but already 2015 people didnt like that so r/btc was founded. Today most used by Bitcoin Cash users and people banned from r/bitcoin. Roger Ver for example also participates there.

Why are people assuming that you're trying to traduce Bitcoin call if you call it Bcash?

I want to have a discussion with people on here since I see many uploads of pics but rarely interaction.


https://www.reddit.com/r/Bitcoin/comments/bar621/can_we_have_a_civilized_discussion_about_ln_and/eke8dte/ a reasoning of a mod for the perma ban of a user with questionable reasons IMO

https://www.reddit.com/r/btc/comments/baxpk0/did_anyone_notice_the_2nd_to_the_top_post_on/ r/btc talking about r/bitcoin