Last Saturday, while addressing the Republican Jewish Coalition, Donald Trump - son of a Scottish economic migrant – mocked the plight of Central American migrants seeking a better life in the U.S. I quote CNN “"I am very fearful for my life," Trump said mockingly during a speech to the Republican Jewish Coalition on Saturday. "I am very worried that I will be accosted if I am sent back home….."”.  Think about that. What Trump did is appalling enough but I am writing to express my dismay at the prospect that no-one at the Republican Jewish Congress seems to have objected to his words or his mocking tone. It was only 80 or so years ago that Jewish refugees fled Germany to escape the early stages of the holocaust. The Nazis hadn’t yet gotten around to industrialized mass murder of Jews but were making it clear that Jews were not welcome in their new world order. Some of those Jews who fled what was at the time economic and social persecution made their way across the Atlantic where they were met with the exact same resistance and rhetoric that Trump spewed at Central Americans from his pulpit in Las Vegas. In front of an audience of Jews. I don’t expect Trump to be aware of anything he says let alone the implications of what his “very excellent” brain farts in our general direction. However I am shocked that an organization purportedly set up to promote the interests and well-being of Republican, if not all American, Jews did not see and did not repudiate the depraved indifference to fellow human beings that the President displayed on their stage.