We all know that Bitcoin LN is the future. Not only will help make small transaction a lot faster but it will also help newcomers to find Bitcoin interesting. Some people think that you need to have a lot of Bitcoin in other to make a lot of money, but the reality is that Bitcoin LN brings up the value of even 1 satoshi, because know it is possible to send that small unit. In the main chain with fees now at around $2 and increasing the shine of Bitcoin LN will be seen.

A lot of people are mining altcoins because they think that their coin is the one that will be the next bitcoin or that they so call new technology will bring Bitcoin down. When they say new technology they are only referring to a software that has been change to look like a new technology but the truth is those new technologies can be implemented into bitcoin and in fact those cryptocurrencies are just copies. With that introduction let me bring you the tittle of this post.

There are 2 direct Bitcoin LN faucets that I know of one being https://www.coinpanic.com/Lightning/CommunityJar and the other https://light.yuyaogawa.com/faucet/ these two faucets work directly on BTC LN, but the way you could bring your faucet from a regular main chain facute is what I am going to explain next.

Coinpot is a group of faucets that let's you claim every 5 minutes the payments are small, but if you claim at least 3 times a day you could collect about 0.002 litecoin in about a week or so, well the website doesn't give you only ltc there is other coins but you exchange them with the internal exchange and you can accumulate about that much litecoin in a week, at today prices that is about 0.00003. Once you have collected enough bitcoin you can exchange directly to Bitcoin LN and receive those satoshis in your prefer LN wallet, I use personally wallet of satoshi because is easy to use.

The webpage where you can exchange your litecoin for bitcoin LN is: https://boltz.exchange/

Now with a computer you could mine also some altcoins exchange them for litecoin and send that litecoin to the previous exchange and have your satoshis in LN ready for use.

Eventually people will realize little by little the potential of LN, and this way they can experience LN for free pretty much and also send some altcoin profits directly to Bitcoin LN. Note that eventually this opportunity will also go away because the faucets will give even less satoshis.

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 I hope that you take the faucets and experience LN because the future is here.