First of all 

Im not Techie, so I will explain my learning experience in a simple/plain (also may sound a little silly) language.

We all know that, on lightning network, if you want your node to be useful, contribute to the community or even make some satoshis from lightning, you will need a balanced channel.

Ive seen small business owners who use lightning, struggling with getting inbound liquidity.

Here are some of my thoughts on how to get some inbound liquidity, without being a dev or tech savvy.

1- Spend sats -gonna spend sats to make inbound liquidity.  the design is pretty cool 

-open channel with exchanges that take lightning, deposit. i.e southxchange

-open channels with @YallsOrg or @tippin_me, @zapread pay for your own article or tip yourself

-open channels with merchants like @BTCWonderland, buy with lightning

2-  @LightningTo_Me opens a 0.02 btc channel to you with no strings attached.

3- rent the inbound liquidity  i.e bitrell