Well now that the 2020 election is fully underway, Trump and the GOP have found their campaign feet and are briskly making their way toward retaking all three branches of the US government. They have a serial liar in the Whitehouse, a spineless conniving majority leader in the Senate who values his own political skin and that of his party over the constitution and the good of the nation and they will have to engineer a massive rebound from their crushing 2018 defeat in the house. So you might ask: To what do they owe their confidence for 2020? It could be just bottomless arrogance and optimism. But no, they have a clever strategy, devised by no other than Individual #1 himself. The GOP has no platform to promote, no new ideas to inspire the nation and no track record they can defend outside of their country club meetings. What they have is this irresistible formula for success. Read closely and remember you read it here first.

1) Anything the Democrats think, say or do is SOCIALISM.

2) Venezuela is a SOCIALIST state and is currently dissolving into chaos

3) Therefore the US will become the next Venezuela immediately upon the election of any Democrats into office anywhere within the US.

You can see the infallibility of this strategy, the Democrats will be decimated or worse in 2020 if the GOP simply repeats these lines until we can all hear them in our sleep.

Except for a few inconvenient facts.

Venezuela's President Maduro is no more a socialist than is Donald Trump. Sure he likes to talk up how he supports the people over the big bad corporations and the elite who would otherwise steal the Nation's wealth for themselves. Meanwhile Maduro and his cronies are stealing the Nation's wealth while denying the people even basic food and medical aid from the rest of the world. If Venezuela is to be summed up in one word it is "Kleptocracy" - a nation in which a small group of well connected people run the nation solely for the purpose of enriching themselves.

The Democrats have not announced any "Socialist" ideas. Every other major world economy has some form of "Medicare for all", most of those nations are not Socialist. Most of the word is still participating in the Paris Climate Accord, again few of them are Socialist. Tax policies that do not overwhelmingly favor the rich are also a feature of quite a few nations that are not socialist.

The US economy is huge and is governed by 51 different democratically elected governmental bodies, each with its own checks and balances built in to prevent even the most determined kleptocrats from ruining the nation and its economy. Not even the predations of the current kleptocrats in the Whitehouse will reduce the US to the level of chaos currently seen in Venezuela, even if they blunder into a second term.

If all the GOP can do is campaign against those "Socialists" while wrapping themselves in a constitution they have never actually read they are doomed to defeat in 2020. Lets hope it is an ass kicking of such magnitude that it renders the Republican Party asunder and dumps it on the ash heap of history.