The President declared a National Emergency on Friday February 15, 2019, promptly stated that he "didn't need to do this" and followed that up by flying off to his "Winter Whitehouse" in Florida to go golfing. Now I'm not the kind of guy to complain about executives getting their downtime and I kind of like the idea of DJT doing nothing for as long as he feels like it, for the rest of his term would suit me just fine. But I do question his judgement on what constitutes an emergency. What else is going on in the US?

Domestic gun violence is killing thousands of US citizens every year, including 1200 school age children in the year since the Marjory Stoneman Douglas School shooting.

Prescription opioid drugs are killing thousands of US citizens every year, these drugs were not smuggled across the US border.

Climate change has contributed to several of the worst weather disasters in US history, including massive hurricanes, drought and wildfires that have destroyed towns and displaced thousands of US citizens

But the President of the United States declares a National Emergency because he can't convince Congress to give him $5.7 billion to build a useless wall where it will accomplish nothing. He may as well have asked for $5.7 billion in $1 bills so he could burn it on the south lawn of the Whitehouse.