Hi Zapread community, my name is Erik Laan and I am from Delft, the Netherlands. I am an independent Space Industry Consultant working for the international Space Industry. I am interested in all things Space. I believe the future of humanity is destined to expand into the Solar System and the Cosmos. Professionally, I am a Technical specialist in optical science instrument satellite payloads with system engineering experience in the field of space robotics and microgravity & in-situ exploration payloads. My technical specialities are Space Systems Engineering, i.e., the Science/User/Mission-requirements to System requirements to testing/analysis definition flowdown, and Scientific data analysis. I am deeply intimate with what is going on in the Global Space Industry. All the intelligence I gather is fed into my future Space missions intelligence database: the Eye On Orbit Space Missions Manifest

I really enjoy speaking to all audiences that are keen to learn more about Space and all its dimensions. I have a portfolio of presentations and workshops containing gaming elements, LEGO and Virtual Reality (VR).

In the picture above, you can see me together with my satellite dish. I am participating in the Blockstream Satellite project and receive from the geostationairy Telstar 11N satellite, the broadcasted new blocks of the Bitcoin ledger in my node without terrestrial networks.

I am really excited about the current explosion of the Lightning Network adoption. This is really a breakthrough for further global Bitcoin adoption towards full Unit of Account acceptance somewhere the next decade. I have been running a Lightning Network crowdfunding campaign to help me visit a school without budget, to teach them about Space, Stars & Blockchain. I started this in the midst of the #LNTrustChain craziness and was both surprised and very excited that I did get good traction! See my concluding tweet below:

One of my Crowdfunding campaign supporters, Pan Tomuu, guided me to the zapread platform. I have been posting Space stuff since yesterday and really believe this platform could shake up the Social Media business. It really cuts out a whole bunch of unnecessary layers between content creators, the platform and the readers. At the same time, there is truly a win/win for all the stakeholders. In other words, this platform is simply brilliant. Next step is to get this under much broader attention. In any case, thanks to @zelgada for building this gem!