Space and Bitcoin have become natural partners. The bitcoin ledger is now broadcasted by four Geostationairy satellites hanging over Earth's equator at 36.000 km altitude. The purpose of this Blockstream Satellite project is to make the Bitcoin network more resilient and less dependent from terrestrial networks. In addition, it enables to have Bitcoin nodes operate in poorly connected locations on Earth.

Since december 2018, I have participated in this project by setting-up my own system at home in Delft, the Netherlands, with a dish pointed at the TELSTAR-11N satellite above the atlantic coast of Brazil. At a Blockchain Hackathon in Den Bosch, NL on February 4, 2019, I gave a keynote on my participation with the Blockstream Satellite project and the general synergy between Blockchain and Space. Below is the video of my presentation. You can see I have shared my Blockstream Satellite results with more than 500 blockchain developers in a church!

I believe lots more is coming at the intersection between the Bitcoin and Space domains. I am preparing to execute a Lightning Network transaction through a store-forward IOT Nanosatellite, circling the Earth at 600 km altitude. I want to demonstrate that the Bitcoin and LN network can work completely independent from terrestrial communication infrastructure. Follow my blog on my adventure in these uncharted waters.