FIrst of all you can ask for what do I need to claim my node?

Answer is very simple you might want to have more information about your node on the site and add it to catalog.

You can chose some categories that others will be able to find your node.

I didn't have yet idea what to write but you might see how it's looks like.

Claiming your node is very simple.
You need to register at than find your node.

On you're node detail you will see a button (right side) saying [CLAIM NODE]

Later you need to confirm that you're the owner of the node.
You have to be ready to open the channel with the 1ML public node. [BTC on LN wallet]

The site will rand an amount of satoshi size for a channel that need to be open to them.

REMEMBER YOU HAVE ONLY 2000 minutes [33,33h] to open the channel.

Example Verification Code is 358765 so you need to open a channel with capacity 358765 satoshi.

You can also open a bigger channel if you like so but you have to remember that it have to be a multiply [up to 1000 times] of a Verification Code.
For example 3 times: 3x 358765 = 1076295

Also the system didn't catch my channel automatically so I had to write to them using FEEDBACK!