I've been mining Electroneum for two weeks now. What can I say? To join the program you need to download the application, create an account, enter your e-mail address and TELEFON NUMBER. You should also come up with a pin to open the application. What does it look like in practice? Well, after clicking start mining in the application we start digging. Hash Rate is unfortunately always the same. It fluctuates between 30 H/s and how many accounts/applications you wouldn't have opened e.g. by duplicating it always goes to the same :(. Within two weeks I dug 120 electro. The phone was switched on non-stop. Was it worth it? Hmm. I invite you to talk. If there will be people interested in the pillowcase I can describe the operation of the program. IN MY OPINION, IT DOESN'T WORK AND IT CAN'T WORK FOR THE MOMENT!