One of the common questions about ZapRead is how downvoting works.

Let's go through an example:

  • A poor quality post was made, it has a score of 1.
  • A user downvotes the post with 1000 Satoshi.

Here is what happens

  1. The score of the post becomes -999
  2. The reputation of the poster decreases by 1000
  3. 80% of the funds go to the group (to compensate the group members for the poor post).  So 800 Satoshi is distributed among the quality posts in the group. proportional to their age and score.
  4. 10% of the funds go to the community.  So 100 Satoshi is distributed to all ZapRead users who have made posts, proportional to their age and score.
  5. 10% of the funds go to ZapRead.  So 100 Satoshi is reserved by ZapRead to pay for things like server fees, LN withdraw fees, and operations costs.

The important results here are:

  • That the post score is reduced to be negative, and so it will not earn any group or community payouts.
  • The user reputation has decreased.  This is a quick check to see if a user is often posting quality or not.
  • The money used to downvote was given to the community.

Hopefully this is clear, if not, ask a question in the comments below!