Hi Zapread community,

I was reading this article, and it states that since 2016, the 0.14 Bitcoin Core Client has a critical bug involving the ability for miners to spend the same 12.5 BTC twice. I don't understand why 12.5 BTC and I also don't understand is how that can crash 90% of the core nodes online. This critical bug was patched with the 0.16.3 patch release, but why haven't we seen this vulnerability exploited? I believe 12.5 BTC is a lot of money, but I don't think 12.5 bitcoin is a lot of coin for some early adopters.

The new version of bitcoin core can be downloaded here, it is recommended to upgrade any machines running an older version of the client. Here is another forum discussing the update. 

How important is it for the network to be run on one singular consensus client? Should we have multiple clients running on the network to process transactions in case another critical bug is found? 

How can the lightning network prevent future collapse of the network if an instance like this occurs? Could the lightning network provide enough liquid channels for users to operate day to day or hour to hour until a patch can be released?