On September 2nd, 2018 shortly after midnight the first two Bitcoin payments over the Lightning Network at Berlin’s bar ROOM77 have been made. The bar is said to be the first bar in the world accepting Bitcoin ever since 2011. Now we believe it is the first time a physical store actually used the Lightning Network to accept Bitcoin payments on a regular basis.

This was made possible as a result of the Hackthon at the #LightningHackday ( https://lightninghackday.fulmo.org/ ) organized by Fulmo. During the hackathon I used the spark-wallet - which was sponsored by blockstream and released last week - to set up a c-lightning hosting service which is now used at ROOM77.

The first payment was just a test payment from me for a drink costing 2 USD. The payment happened directly on a previously funded payment channel. The second payment which is recorded ( https://youtu.be/WWbL19MncyA ) was for burger and beers. The amount was 4.16666 millibitcoin (roughly 30 USD). It took the network 9 seconds to find a route to this newly set up node at ROOM77 and the fee was 0.017 Cents or 2.3 Satoshi!

Banks and payment providers should be scared about this. Basically we saw an instant, anonymous transfer of wealth at almost no costs. This transfer is backed by the blockchain but due to the lightning network not seen by the blockchain. Thus technically it can happen very often and helps to scale blockchain technologies like Bitcoin.

More details about the payment can be found on my blog article (https://www.rene-pickhardt.de/bitcoin-at-room77.html ) as well as in the video on youtube in which the second payment can be witnessed. The service at http://www.schnellbezahlen.de is not open for customers yet. However you can register to be notified when it will have the servers more secure and starts to roll out well connected and hosted c-lightning nodes.