A record collection is fun for a multitude of reasons. My favorite is fact that I have acquired records from others collections, I have 5 albums of Nazareth from 1976-1982. I hope this review gives me a glimpse into the past of the person who kept coming back for more of their music. 

  1. Close Enough for Rock and Roll - 1976
  2. Play 'n' The Game - 1976
  3. Expect No Mercy - 1977
  4. Malice In Wonderland - 1980
  5. 2XS - 1982

If I find a couple more I remember seeing a others, I'll update this list. I will also try to provide a review of this discography. 

Edit: I have listened to the first three albums, and I was instantly reminded of Foreigner and Journey but the lead vocals voice is more Motorhead sounding. There were times when I was attracted to the keyboard, and others where I felt the mix was not there. Telegram on the 1976 Album Close Enough for Rock and Roll is the premiered single with lyrics on the inside cover. 

Edit'Expect No Mercy is a great album, you can really hear how the band has come together to create a new sound to their music. The keys are on point and the vocalist have learned to harmonize and play much softer than previously recorded albums. We also see a lot more art than previous albums, we see now that the band isn't establishing their look at this point but instead they are focused on selling music. Their fan base was developed, they didn't need pretty faces to keep selling the music. 

Absolutely recommend checking out Nazareth perform Expect No Mercy live at the Rockpalast in Germany 1984

As I am working on this edit I am listening to the next album, Malice in Wonderland, I have noticed a complete change in the style of music. There is much more jazz, they included a vibraphone in the track Fast Cars

Sadly one thing that I do not enjoy seeing are the members of the band growing older and trying to perform like they once did before. I'll include this eye rotting material here. They can still perform very well together, there are recent performances by the lead Singer Dan McCafferty and he still has a huge following in Europe, performing as recently as 2017 Love Hurts and I cringe linking this for you to watch. 

I have just flipped the 2XS album, approximately 20 minutes per side for the Long Play 45s. This record is okay, side two includes Dream On, you wont mistake it for Steven Tyler's Aerosmith Dream On . 

I will leave you with Nazareth in their prime at Woodstock in 1977. If was alive then I would have loved to go, so many wonderful performances and concerts alike.