You may have always wanted to make games, but the knowledge to do so was not easy to understand. If you wanted to create a game in a simple way, you rather thought about so-called "Game Makers" such as Game Maker, Game Editor, GDevelop and so on.

Game Maker is unfortunately a non-free software. This means that you have restrictions of various kinds. Fortunately, there are people who have decided to create a free variant of this software - namely Enigma-Dev.

Enigma-Dev is a rather revolutionary, yet conceptually compatible project to create a better game development product from China's Game Maker Studio. Besides being fully FLOSS and in addition to better written code - it tries to be a product for every platform. It supports a plethora of desktop systems, plus there's work on supporting Android or the browser. So if you don't want to write game code professionally (or more of an indie style) then Enigma-Dev is a good choice.

1) How to install?

I don't know of a very easy way to install Enigma-Dev, such as using AppImage. The easiest way is to follow the instructions on the website:

This is not the best option, but it is sufficient.

1.5) JNA

If running:
java -jar lateralgm.jar

Caused the problem, it is possible that you are still getting this error:

Enigma-Dev uses something called "Java Native Access". By default this package should install, but the server due to a crash does not have it, so this file does not download. JNA is an open source project, so you can download it from the internet.

You should overwrite the contents of the jna.jar file, which is located in the plugins/shared directory, and try again.

2) Running

Of course, in section 1.5 I already wrote how to run, so I'll repeat:
java -jar lateralgm.jar

The first run takes a few minutes as various libraries are precompiled. This recompilation only occurs on first installation or (manual) updates. But if everything is successful - we will see a Game Maker inspired window.

Welcome on board!

3) Discord

If you have any problems - it's worth writing on Enigma-Dev's Discord.

4) Donate

If you like this project, you can support it by donating