I have been thinking lately about the connection between Space and Blockchain technologies. Of course due to my involvement in the Bitlinq.space project, that is currently running on a Lightning Network Node. I was also triggered by this news: The First Ethereum Network-Blockchain Satellite From Villanova University Set For Orbit

Of course the realm of Space is a very unwelcoming environment. It is hard to get there, but once you are there, the global access and coverage options are phenomenal. Of course under the condition you did your Space Engineering right and your hardware is not being fried instantly, either because of the extreme temperatures and/or the radiation levels. This makes Space a good place for secure storage as stealing or damaging your belongings would be quite an endeavour. And for resiliency, in case of terrestrial outages, Space assets form a robust alternative. But Space also has disadvantages. You could typically only connect to LEO satellites once per day, for a few minutes. If you can't work with that, and need a GEO satellite, you will have a link budget challenge and need quite some powerfull antennas to get your signal all the way there. 

But apart from the obvious 'node in Space', what do you think could be the benefit of using Space assets in blockchain technology or vice versa?