A long worked on update of the Bitlinq message handler is now running on the Eye On Orbit teleport server and now runs 5 interconnected terminals:

  1. A full Bitcoin node (btcoind v0.19.1.0)
  2. A Lightning Network node (c-lightning v0.9.0-1)
  3. Blockstream Satellite 2.0 S/W, connected with the 60 cm dish pointed at the Geostationary Telstar 11N satellite, receiving the latest blocks
  4. Blockstream Satellite 2.0 API data reader
  5. Bitlinq message handler v1.05 that is connected to the Bitlinq application on The Things Network (TTN). Whenever a registered device, such as my Lacuna Space IOT terminal, transmits a message to the M6P satellite, this message is relayed to the Blockstream Satellite API for global broadcasting

This is now running 365/24/7.

Next steps to undertake are:

  • Getting more Lacuna Space IOT devices in the hands of Blockstream Satellite users
  • Getting the in-message payment system to work with some of the latest features of Lightning S/W
  • Create a protocol to enable users to give the Bitlinq message handler commands such as retrieving certain webpages and broadcasting these through Blockstream Satellite 
  • Final goal is still to have this all work on a Low-Earth Orbit (LEO) cubesat and have the first working Lightning Network node in Space!