With the increasing surveillance of networks by nation states, and large tech companies keeping track of every move on the internet, a niche market emerges for subscriptionless censorship resistant global communication. Bitlinq's ultimate aim is to launch a small cubesat sized satellite with a payload containing a Lightning Node, as a gatekeeper for a user programmable store-forward tranceiver. The Lightning Node in Space enables the service to become subscriptionless without losing a business model. Secondly, users on the ground can build their own user terminal from non-SatCom specific or proprietary components, which employs an unlicensed portion of the Electromagnetic spectrum for communication to and from Space.

Users within certain geofenced areas, enabled by anonymous donors to the Lightning Node in Space, can use the system free of charge. An additional service being contemplated for further implementation on board the bitlinq payload, is a space based node for Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) based on Decentralized IDentifiers (DID).

Working towards the ultimate aim of a dedicated satellite, the Bitlinq roadmap first uses existing services such as the Blockstream Satellite API for globally broadcasting user data, and the Lacuna Space Lorawan Space gateway on board the M6P satellite in Low Earth Orbit (LEO). This combination of Lacuna Space and Blockstream Satellite is now working autonomously for anyone that has a Lacuna Space IOT terminal and Blockstream Satellite equipment. 

All arrangements are made by the Bitlinq ground server. This server connects to the dish receiver for Bitcoin block updates to keep both the Bitcoin node and the Bitlinq Lightning Network (LN) node up-and-running. The Bitlinq Message Handler now automatically processes incoming messages from terrestrial LoRaWAN gateways and the Lacuna Space LS1 gateway payload on-board the M6P LEO satellite, and executes tailored scripts and pushes this to the Blockstream Satellite API for global broadcasting. 
Work to be done in the next phase is further refinement of the scripts and boarding of customers that would like to make use of the Bitlinq services.