Greetings everyone,

I thought I would write a quick progress update on the status of getting LN transactions up again.

I've implemented all of the fixes for the deposits and withdrawals.  Theoretically, I could re-enable now.  However, I am going to fix up some other aspects as well, which will further improve the safety of funds. 

Here is what I am doing:

  • I am making user tips more robust.  Anonymous tips (via LN) now have the same funds safety checks to ensure that the intended user gets the funds.
  • I am making voting more robust.  Again - I am going to ensure proper funds synchronization when a user spends funds on votes as when a user makes a withdraw.  Although this part doesn't touch the Lightning Network, I'm going to improve it anyway.  In the process, you will notice that voting will be much more ... zippy.  This improvement is both a safety and performance improvement.

Once I have these two other improvements complete and tested, I will be turning LN transactions back on.