"Justin Sun disclosed that he is working with law enforcement to chase after the people who forked the blockchain that his newly-bought social network site, Steem, ran on;

  • Justin Sun is working with law enforcement over the Steem debacle, he claims.
  • He said that those responsible for the fork of the network, Hive, acted illegally.
  • Steem has voted in favor of a hard fork to seize $5 million worth of assets.

Justin Sun, the wealthy CEO of the TRON Foundation, has called the cops on those responsible for splitting from his newly-bought blockchain-based social network, Steem.

He’s also called up the law:

“We are working w/ law enforcement & will take actions to get our funds back! We have lots of sympathy for all Steem witnesses who has suffered the same at the hands of the Hive witnesses,” he wrote today.  (..)"