Media of all types are the first draft of history. With the exception of Fox News' routine of ignoring anything negative towards Trump media reports on his handling of the COVID-19 crisis are that he is not doing his job.

What is the President's Job in a medical crisis? There is only one task required of POTUS. Reassure the nation that competent people are in place and doing the best they can to keep everyone alive. What is Trump doing? 1) Calling the illness a hoax 2) Accusing the Democrats of scaremongering to hurt his re-election campaign 3) Undermining his own experts' public statements about the seriousness of the outbreak 4) Providing overoptimistic estimates of the availability of a vaccine 5) Claimed that warm weather will make it go away 6) Suggesting that some people will get better by going to work 7) Blaming his predecessor for restricting the production of test kits for a virus that did not exist until almost 3 years after Trump took office.

This collection of pronouncements is called gaslighting, a term that means to deny what is obvious in an effort to confuse someone into doubting their own eyes. It is Trump's go to practice for anything as he attempts to define truth itself.

There are still some competent people left in this administration and within state and local governments. Their efforts will be what gets Americans through this. I'm betting they are all wishing Trump would just go golfing and keep his nonsense out of their way. I certainly do.