Not satisfied by the Republican Senate's abdication of any oversight authority, the Peach colored President of the United States (PPOTUS) is also hacking away at the Judicial branch of US Governance in its ongoing pursuit of Presidential Hegemony over the United States. 

While the impeachment proceedings were underway and perhaps using them as a distraction, William Barr told the Department of Justice's Board of Immigration Appeals to ignore the 7th Circuit Court's ruling not to deport a man who had applied for a visa to remain in the USA. Barr simply said the ruling was "incorrect" and that was that, it need not be heeded. No appeal to a higher court, no justification required.

Just in the last few days we have witnessed the spectacle of PPOTUS tweeting outrage at the sentencing guidelines that DOJ Prosecutors drew up for the seven times convicted Trump ally Roger Stone. Shortly after that tweet was sounded, DOJ reversed its sentencing guidelines, prompting the resignation of the four prosecutors from the case. One of the prosecutors went so far as to resign his job altogether. DOJ insists that PPOTUS' tweet did not prompt the decision to overrule the prosecutors. DOJ stated that the Prosecutor's superiors were shocked by the recommendation and were already in the process of reversing the department's stand before the tweet was broadcast. That is an unlikely scenario but it will be almost impossible to prove either way. It is also beside the point.

POTUS has the power to pardon anyone for any Federal Crime. No explanation needed. If PPOTUS is of the opinion that his friend's sentence is excessive, all he has to do is issue a pardon and it is reduced to zero. He could even wait until an appropriate amount of time is served if he feels his friend should be punished to a lesser degree. PPOTUS knows full well that he can pardon anyone. That he chose to directly attack the integrity of the Justice system by so publicly intervening in a single case is indicative of a desire to demonstrate his power over the Judicial Branch and his willingness to ignore conventions.

Thus we now have two legal case in which PPOTUS' administration has achieved extrajudicial imposition of its will over the administration of justice in America. Congress has been neutered and cannot now hold PPOTUS accountable for this attack. If Trump wins re-election in November, and his slavishly loyal Republicans retain control of even just the Senate, he will use his remaining years in office to complete the conversion of the USA into a nightmarish monarchy.