The Peach President of the US (PPOTUS) has learned much from his Soviet era mentor. Vladimir will approve of his ruthlessness in not only firing two of the witnesses at his impeachment investigation, but also firing the twin brother of one of them. Yup, Lt Col Yevgeny Vindman, the twin brother of Lt Col Alexander Vindman has been fired from his National Security Council job for no reason at all other than he is the identical twin of his brother, who dared to believe that telling the truth under oath after being subpoenaed was allowed in the USA. Notably, PPOTUS has claimed that Lt Col Alexander Vindman's sworn testimony to congress misrepresented the July 25th  "perfect" call to Ukraine's President. Lying to congress is perjury, and perjury is a criminal offence. So PPOTUS has just fired an American Lt Col for an alleged criminal offence, yet no charge has been laid and none will ever be laid. Because to do so would require a trial, and a defense and witnesses under oath and we all know PPOTUS doesn't like fair trials. Far more convenient for PPOTUS to just slander the man on twitter and let his followers dance in delight.