Mitt Romney's courageous choice of his country over his party makes him the target of the Peach President's only real power - the astonishing talent for and willingness to bully people. That Romney chose not to be bullied will test Trump's ability to bully. The collision will be watched by others hoping to escape Trump's oppressive grip on the Republican party. Any sign of weakness from Trump will encourage others to break ranks and Trump knows it. Trump therefore has to ensure that Romney pays a high price for his vote to remove Trump from office. Watch for smears and possibly leaked revelations of "past misdeeds". Trump's friends on Fox and at the Enquirer will be dishing out anything they think the public will believe about Mitt Romney. And if that doesn't work, the newly unrestrained 45th President of the United States may just test his theory about shooting someone. Stay Tuned, it is going to be an interesting 9 months to November.