The idea of a Zapread bug bounty has been floated.  I think this would be great.

I am one person so I have limited development time.  I also have put lots of my own money forward as starting capital and continue to do so.  The fact is that Zapread is not profitable (yet) but it could be if we get more users.  That means we have to fix things up and add features.

I think a tiered bug bounty makes the most sense to start, but since I am already time limited, it is less usefully to add to my to-do list than to have the bug fix presented.  I try to prioritize but it is not always that straightforward.

My first proposal...

1) but submitted (ideally through GitHub) = 1,000 to 100,000 Satoshi

2) bug fix submitted to GitHub as a pull request = 10,000 - 500,000 Satoshi

Once Zapread is more profitable, I was thinking to do profit sharing.  Each contributer would be awarded a fraction of all future revenue.  Right now 10% is collected for operations and maintenance but I could give up to 5% to contributers (starting smaller) once earnings are in the green. This would be like a partnership rewarding those who join the project and contribute their development efforts.  I would also want to make this transparent and secured on a safe public ledger.

So those are my thoughts at this point.  Care to share yours?